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Today is Monday February 19, 2018


About Us

Big S Farms is located in Parrottsville, Tennessee and is one of the oldest family-owned farming enterprises in the United States. The company currently produces and distributes wholesale gourmet hot sauces and salsas using its Tennessee Valley-grown habanero peppers. Big S Farms is the largest habanero grower in Tennessee.

Big S Farms was founded in 1998 by Wesley Snyder, a cultural anthropologist now residing in Johnson City, TN. Wes’s farming heritage coupled with his love of spicy foods, their ingredients and the mad science he calls his “recipes”, evolved into his eventual founding of Big S Farms. The initial concept was to start a gourmet hot sauce and salsa business that would be integral to the agricultural assets of the Tennessee Valley, further promoting the farming way of life of the region.




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