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Today is Wednesday February 21, 2018


The Healthy Habanero


IconThe Chile Way to Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism
by Dave DeWitt, Melissa T. Stock, and Kellye Hunter

Exercise, diet, and deprivation--the dreaded regimen of many a New Year's resolution. But keep in mind, as you pound through endless miles on the treadmill and puff your way up imaginary flights on the stair machine, that healthy eating does not necessarily mean unsatisfying food served with a flourish of blandness. As you feel the burn in your thighs, remember that burning your mouth with chiles, hot sauces, and salsas is a much more pleasurable way to boost your metabolism. And take heart, while you breathlessly race to increase your cardiovascular rate, that chile also helps control cholesterol by reducing fat deposits in the arteries.
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IconThe Powerful Health Punch of the Mighty Pod
by Dave DeWitt

Excerpted from The Pepper Encyclopedia (1999, William Morrow & Co.). With more vitamin C than citrus, and as much or more vitamin A than carrots, both green and red chiles are a valuable addition to any diet.
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IconBush Medicine: Folk Cures with Chile Peppers
by Dave DeWitt

Take two Jalapeños and call me in the Morning! Dave explored pepper folk cures used in various cultures and made some amazing discoveries.
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IconThe Healing Powers of Hot Peppers
by Melissa T. Stock and Kellye Hunter

While it may not be easy to shake a cold, a bit of capsaicin certainly can't hurt. Chile peppers have been used for centuries in remedies designed to help conquer the common cold.
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